Metrical Psalms

Psalms rendered with modern spelling by Alison

The Psalms with original spelling and some textual comments appear in "The Collected Work of Mary Sidney Herbert" Volume II: Margaret Hannay, Noel Kinnamon and Michael Brennan

Psalm 85 by Mary Sidney

Psalm 44 by Mary Sidney
Psalm 46 by Mary Sidney
Psalm 63 by Mary Sidney
Psalm 78 by Mary Sidney
Psalm 81 by Mary Sidney

Modern English versions of the Reformation Psalms with the original music
©Alison Bailey

These metrical versions of the Psalms, for domestic use, are an ongoing work, being composed to be sung to the original Renaissance music, which was composed in 16th century Geneva and Strasbourg. The aim is to recapture, through the interaction of flexible English syllables and beautiful dignified melodies, some of the deep spirituality of the Reformation. Some harmonies are already in place, below. The rest will be added, later. See Introduction for the historic background to metrical psalm writing and the connection to England.
  • Introduction - Metrical Psalters : hymns characteristic of the Continental European Reformation
  • Psalm 1 - "Happy the man who does not flout God's law"
  • Psalm 2 - "Why do the nation states, as one, conspire?"
  • Psalm 3 - "Fierce foes, they pierce me, Lord."
  • Psalm 23 - "The Lord's my shepherd"
  • Psalm 50 - "The Lord speaks, God speaks to His very own"
  • Psalm 84 - "How lovely is your dwelling bright"
  • Psalm 124 - "Israel says "If God had not been with us"
  • Psalm 147 - "Sing to the Lord, how lovely praise is"