Alison's Meditations and Reflections

Alison works on promoting low carbon technologies and gives input on disablity issues, counselling people with a particularly difficult hidden disability, through the internet in the USA and UK. Her separate website on handling ME is

  • A meditation on Revd Dr John Stott's injunction to be different from the world. How are we to put this into practice today?
  • She has published here (available for sale) a modernised version of Priscilla Maurice's powerful book: "Sickness: Its Trials and Blessings". Read it free online at this link.
  • See here for key messages from Priscilla Maurice on how to view chronic illness

Her blog is "AnnisBetweenWorlds". She researches the English Renaissance, the Reformation and the Italian influence in England and on English thought and art, during the period 1550 -1620. She has a particular interest in poetess, Mary Sidney, who paraphrased the Psalms and wrote the first blank verse drama in English (before Shakespeare).

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  4. A meditation on Revd John Stott's injunction to be different from the world - but how are we to put that into practice today?
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  11. Mary Sidney's Christian poem, "The Doleful Lay of Clorinda" rendered by Alison, in modern English
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  18. What "added dimension" can the Christian faith add to music? - looking at one musician's life with unique recordings and free sheet music - (AJB 1/11/0'7).
  19. "Measure for Measure" - how Shakespeare saw the problem of Christian judgmentalism (AJB 14/10/07)
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  31. Reply to an Oxford Academic: extreme religious fundamentalism and atheist fundamentalism (AJB 2/5/2007).
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