Ethel Bilsland appears with her family in 1898 and 1901, as the youngest child. Several of her sisters could all play well - violin, cello and piano and together formed a small ensemble. There is a photo of her elder sister, "singer" Mabel, her mother Marianne and Margaret (Ethel's co-pianist and daughter) as a bridesmaid at her cousin Mary and Donald May's wedding during the Second World War. These individual pictures can be found in greater detail (click "Original Size") here.

Ethel Bilsland in 1912 from a signed photo
Ethel in 1900, the smiling 8-year old bridesmaid, at her piano teacher (sister) Margaret's wedding.
Ethel's mother is second from the left, seated and her father, James Bilsland, is second from the right, seated.
Ethel in 1898 - the youngest, in front, with her brother and sisters
Ethel Bilsland in about 1918
Ethel Bilslands's mother, Mary-Ann (nee Moore) aged about 62 (1912)
Ethel in 1928 with first husband, Walter, a businessman, daughter Margaret and uniformed nanny

Ethel's children - daughter Margaret in the 1930s
Ethel's children before Ethel was widowed in 1933
Ethel's son, John, in academic robes in the 1950s
Ethel in 1952 aged 60, (far right), at her son's wedding with her nephew, Dr Kenneth Jeyes ( see "Sleepy Song"). Ethel's daughter Margaret is on the groom's right, as one looks at the photo.
Her first grandchildren (her son's children Christopher and Alison) 1958